Monday, January 09, 2006

Sam Harris

I saw this guy on CSpan. He wrote a book called "The End Of Religion". He was very interesting. One of his points was how difficult it is to criticize anything to do with organized religion. He pointed out that anyone who says Islam is a religion of peace has never read the Koran. My favorite point was when he was disputing the assertion that radical Islam is the result of oppression by Israel, the US and other Western countries. He said that if that were true there should be many radical Zen suicide bombers because the Chinese occupation of Tibet has gone on longer and been much more brutal. I thought that was great!

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BillT said...

Radical Islam has been around since the Caliphate of Ali--there just weren't any lib pundits around to take hand-wringing slams at the US.

Come to think of it, the US wasn't around twelve centuries ago, either...