Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Day 2

The suffering continues...........last night I went to the gym and spent 1/2 as much time there as usual. I was completely winded. I barely managed a shower, a little laundry, and very little reading. Boring night except for the Victor David Hanson areticle recommended at The Castle. I read some stuff at The Officer's Club as well.

I have been admonished to lighten up by someone who should know better. What is one of the chief rules here in Maggieland? "When Maggie is unhappy, she is rarely unhappy alone!"
On the bright side, we are 11 days away from Foxwoods. I could not possibly be nicer to deal with than I am when I go to the spa. My rare episodes of being nice and agreeable trickle down as well.


Anonymous said...

Day 2 of what?

BostonMaggie said...

Day 2 of Atkins, day 2 of suffering, day 2 of no M&Ms, my second greatest pleasure in life.

Barb said...

Plain or Peanut?
Whoops - that wasn't nice, was it ...

*ducks and runs*