Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Today Was Awful

Just really sucky.

And to top it off my hat from the Ripley Race doesn't fit.

I was supposed to be searching my room for my bank card and the van keys and something of Frankie's. I was emptying every bag, every shelf. I pulled the hat out of my travel bag, it's not like I've needed it around here, it was 70 today. I pulled it on and it slid right back off my head

I went downstairs to beef to my parents. I showed my mother and she said "Hey, Big-Head, did you find the stuff you were looking for?"

No one wallows in sympathy around Muriel.

Also, thanks to Grace for being Grace. And thanks to My Marine for my new skill set.

1 comment:

Yer Marine said...

How big IS that mammoth cranial feature, anyway?