Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Pull Of Indian Summer

(Was that politically incorrect? You know I don't care, I was just wondering.)

I've pushed the envelope with my stamina this past week. So today was scheduled to be "Nothing Day".

I have fulfilled the first requirement of a "Nothing Day" and slept twelve hours. It's 1300 and I haven't showered or dressed yet.

But it's warm and sunny here in Boston. It seems a sin to waste it.

On the other hand, I won't make it far.

One of the drawbacks of our yard is that it is only sunny for a few hours, early in the morning. If I were in Rocky Nook, there is always a way to sit comfortably in a sunny spot. There are places in Charlestown.....but the time & effort it would take kinda defeat the purpose of a "Nothing Day".

If I am going to bother packing up and heading out, shouldn't I go to the gym? Walk over the North Washington Street Bridge to the North End?

Tough decisions.


Tom Goering said...

Bonnie calls her do-nothing days, "Jami days" - stays in her pajamas throughout.

You've made it this far into the day doing nothing, don't screw-up this great effort by over-thinking it - you're no quitter, stay the course and do nothing!

Kanani said...! Or just walk over to Sue's There And Back Again, and sit on her deck.

Kanani said...

Oh, do you know when her fundraiser is? I have to make arrangements to get out there.

Yer Marine said...

Tom is right. Quitting doing nothing can only be accomplished by doing something.

And nobody likes a quitter.