Thursday, November 03, 2011

"First Blood: The Minutemen of '61" From Old South Meeting House

Today, thanks to the efforts of the Old South Meeting House & Boston National Historical Park Ranger Dan Gagnon, I learned more about the Civil weakest subject.

Dan told us of the 6th Massachusetts Volunteer Militia who were sent south in response to the Confederate attack on Fort Sumter April 12 through the 14 of 1861. Massachusetts was able to send troops immediately because they were so well prepared. As Dan put it, they were the Minutemen of their day.

On April 19, 1861 the 6th Massachusetts arrived in Baltimore to hostile crowds.

There was no direct railway to DC at the time. You had to go to Baltimore and then the train cars were pulled through the streets by horse from President Sreet Station to Camden Station...which just that fact had me saying "Hmmmm...".

The crowds blocked their passage, so the Militia got out and started walking in formation and things got really ugly.
Corporal Sumner Henry Needham who died in the riot is regarded by some as the first Union casualty of the American Civil War. There is some question though because he and three others were killed by civilians in a Union state.

Great job OSMHBoston & Dan Gagnon.


Yer Marine said...

And it didn't kill you to learn a little about the Civil War, did it?

Chuck Simmins said...

Fix bayonets! Advance at a walk.