Tuesday, August 09, 2011

What's The Title Of this Blog?

Oh yeah, "BostonMaggie - Inappropriate & Unprepared"

So Sunday night was the season finale of "Falling Skies" my favorite summer "post Apocalypse" show. It's actually my bookmark until "AMC" brings back "Walking Dead". Anyway, "Falling Skies" has a little Twitter community that makes if even more fun for me. The show is supposedly set in Boston, but no one even tries to fake a Boston accident or make the locations work with the map, so no harm no foul. I loathe shows that try to fake it, lol.

Well to get ready for the big two hour finale I made a big fat salad....yeah, that still excites me post-transplant with craisins and walnuts and mesclun and homemade croutons.....all out (except onions, Dad was still awake). A nearly frozen Coke. Annnnnddddd chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and marshmallow filling that I made myself!

So, it's all good except for one problem, the power adapter on the laptop has been on the fritz. I have noticed that once in a while even though I was plugged in...the battery was showing. I would wiggle the cable and it would be fine. It got steadily worse. Then it didn't work. I had to get through Pundit Review Radio with nothing but my phone to tweet with!!!

But I gave it one more try when the show came on and viola! If I held it just right and ate and typed with one hand, I had everything! Well, everything until I realized that I left the cupcakes in the kitchen. During the second hour, when the longing for cupcakes was too great to bear, I did make a break for it and successfully got back on.

Cupcakes were fabulous. Facebook & Twitter were fun. Show had a great cliffhanger....you knew Pope would come through, you knew Weaver would snap out of it and you knew Tom was gonna go where they asked to save his sons. Loved it!!!!

So back to the first paragraph as I sit here using the last of my battery to type (my Dad is driving me to Staples within the hour).

Yesterday was great but something sucky really drained me...more than the humidity and there was no sitting, relaxing and eating a cupcake. My parents each had one.

So there are like 20 cupcakes on the counter............and now, today I have decided to go back on Atkins.

Yeah, timing, not my strong suit.

Is there a pound of hamburger in the fridge? No, 20 cupcakes on the counter.

I've been putting it off since May because post transplant I just kept loosing weight no matter what I ate. But the two weeks I spent in Kingston was apparently my tipping point. there I was on one side of the see-saw with my smaller, post-transplant stomach.....and on the other side.....bags and bags of Hershey nuggets, glasses of icy Coca-cola and numerous dinners out with friends and family. I gained four pounds! Sure now that I am back in Charlestown it's gone again. But this was a wake up call.

So if you are in the neighborhood, stop by and grab some of these cupcakes, so I have a fighting chance.

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