Friday, August 12, 2011

Nothing Productive!

I got nothing done today!

It was ridiculous. I planned to hitch a ride over to my sister Grace's house and lounge by her pool. I was going to bring my Atkin's lunch - it's Day 4!. Grace has Wi-Fi, although for some reason, I can never get into it with this laptop. But so what? Grace has a computer.

So I got up earlish...9 or so. Did morning stuff. Emails, pills, breakfast...... then I went downstairs, bathing suit and jacket and bag yada yada. But my Dad was in the middle of a project. I decided instead I would go up to the Bunker Hill Pool.

I was sitting with my mother on the 1st floor for a bit talking. Then I went online.........

My nieces called separately, was I coming over? No, we'd pick a day next week.

My father came down, project finished, dressed for the weekly Friday lunch with my mother and aunt and uncle.

"The pool isn't here." he gestures around the living room.

I laugh and say I am going to get going soon.

My parents come back from lunch and I am in the same position! On the love seat in the parlor on the laptop.

My father comes in and asks "Was it a refreshing dip?". He knows I haven't moved. I laugh.

My mother comes in and settles on the other love seat. My Uncle Frank had some news at lunch. He had run into their (my Mum & Uncle Frank) cousin Ronnie. Ronnie's grandmother and their grandmother were sisters. He had sad news, Ronnie's brother Ralph had passed away. Ralph was my uncle Walter's age.....the oldest brother, George is my uncle Frank's age....Madeline was younger than Walter and passed away a year or two ago.

It's a sad thing, but it makes you remember........

Ralph & Ronnie & George & Madeline's mother was my "Aunt Mil". She wasn't really an aunt, she was Mama Kelley's cousin's wife. And my goodness! Was she fun? Like nobody's business! She would visit us, we would visit her. And every visit was fun. Aunt Mil and Mama Kelley together were literally a laugh a minute. They would tell stories and jokes and I can't tell you how much I loved it.

I spent the rest of the day on the love seat, yakking with my mother, playing on I've been playing with it for a bit. When we were in Rocky Nook, Grace said she wanted to start a journal of all the details and stories my parents and relatives tell us. And all the stories we can remember from those we've lost.

Then my cousin Ellen popped up in the blog and that spurred me on.

A few days ago, Grace wnated me to remember the name of Sr. Terence's friend Sr. Avilino. For the life of me I couldn't. My mother, my father, my father's sister Teresa, Grace.....all going crazy! But it was Ellen to the rescue with Sr. Avilino's name and given name, Sr. Rita Morrissey. My aunt and Sr. Avilino had grown up together on Prospect Street and entered the convent together. Tom and I walked down to Prospect Street yesterday and I took pictures.
If I have this right, my father's father's family (including Sr. Terence) lived in the house on the right and Sr. Avilino and her family lioved across the alley on the left.

So I spent the day in my swimsuit and never left the house.

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