Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Relaxed Saturday!

Got in some yoga. Stuck to Atkins despite my father eating ice cream, lol! Read stuff in books and online.

Now I am watching the end of "The McKenzie Break" on the Military Channel. They have this weekend thing called "Officer and a Movie". Since "The McKenzie Break" is about a British POW camp in World War II, their guest is a military policeman. And a famous on at that. MajGen David Quantock, USA is the commanding general of the Fort Leonard Wood, MO . Although in the general public, he may be better known as the guy they sent in to clean up Abu Ghraib.

It's a good movie but I am having trouble with the subtitles. I don't know if it's the movie format or my TV, but they cut off at the bottom.

But I love Brian Keith enough to just deal with it. I watched this when I was in my teens with my Dad. We watched LOTS of war movies. But I must say, watching it tonight - I "get it" more. It's based partly on the WWII POW Rebllion in the Bowmanville Camp in Canada/

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Kanani said...

Glad you got the yoga in today. That's always a good thing!
See you the 27th. I think you're my date!