Monday, August 01, 2011

Trying To Pull Myself Back Together

Getting back from Rocky Nook late Friday night; dashing out to a big family party on Saturday (thanks Kathy & Mike); sleeping too, too late on Sunday......all with no pain pills. I was so messed up. No yoga, no sleep, I was a wreck.

But I was thinking that I should just suck it up until my Tuesday appointment. So I called Kate my NP, to "invite her to my internal debate". She of course filled the script for me. I knew she would. I know it's my own nonsense about these damn pills. It's so obvious. I function better on them. Friday, without them, I started to slip and flounder. Exercise gone, sleep messed up, accomplishing nothing.

So I finally got on the Bunker bus and headed over to Dr. Miller's office. I dawdled a little on the way so they had time to fill the actual script. I had seen these two plaques on Franklin Street. Today I stopped and looked at them.

This plaque commemorates the first location Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston.
This plaque is for Franklin Place.This is the view up Hawley Street from Franklin as I cut behind the old Filenes toward Jordan Marsh/Macy's.

Then I turned up Summer toward Washington.

I got the script, took one on the way home like an addict, and felt much better. Frankie brought me a cell phone charger, the location of mine is in dispute, lol! He also brought my black bookcase. I know I have been here since November, but a lot of that time I was useless, lol. I am kinda living out of blue totes. So I'd like to get more organized. for one thing, there is no real clear spot for yoga. Down the cottage, there was loads of room, the yard, the back porch, the living room. But in my room, I am always a little cramped.

Tomorrow is my actual appointment with Dr. Miller for my monthly check-up. But if I go to bed now, I can work on the room a little, go to the appointment and go swimming.....if the weather cooperates.

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