Monday, September 17, 2007

Blogging Friends

Blogging has brought some truly awesome people into my life. Some I have met and some I haven't.

Army Wife Toddler Mom is someone I have had the great pleasure of meeting twice and unlike *some people* I know she is not Andi, lol. Her stories about Sir Roland and Pink Ninja really crack me up. She is an excellent writer because they are as funny to read as they are to hear in person. This story is a real winner!
A trip to the commissary today. The most embarrassing part was Sir Rowland telling a woman with a deep voice "Wow, you look like a lady, but sound like a man! That is the strangest thing I have seen. Are you part man?I need to start carrying a flask with me...because I cannot figure out how I am supposed to react. Taking a drink right away, might get me off the hook.
Some I haven't met but they can really make my Springbored.
Dear Mr. President,
If you're gonna meet with milbloggers, please have all the services represented. Why'd ya stiff the Navy?!!!!
There's no reason to ignore good people who further your work every gosh-darn, dang day. So, please, if you're in the mood to make a certain Progressive Navy Mil-Blogger (ahem!) go absolutely green with envy, please invite CDR Salamander, Galhran, Eagle, Instapinch, Maggie and Lex to the Oval Office. They might--unlike a certain chief of some Intel service of your former acquaintance--wear ties.
Those folks do good work, are pretty darn funny and are quite cool people, to boot. A far, far more lively a crowd than any ground-pounder milblogger-type of gathering!
Good God!!! How did *I* get lumped in with this bunch? They are all actual Navy, I am a Swabbie Doxie (The Armorer says so). They write serious stuff, I am nonsense. If you put me in a room where the Phibian, Galhran and Mike/Mark (inside joke) were having a serious discussion I would sit in the corner and not utter a peep (yes, that is possible SB). I've been out drinking with Pinch and Lex, so I don't find them as intimidating. Even so, when we talk about the Navy, you're easily gonna get a lot more quality content out of them!
BTW - The MilBlog meeting Springbored mentions included some other great people blogging has brought into my life........The Armorer, Matt of BlackFive, Steve Shippert (who caused my first ever hangover), Mrs. Greyhawk (who I've met only briefly, but it was a pleasure)
I am very pleased for all of them and W is lucky to have met them, as well!


BillT said...'re easily gonna get a lot more quality content out of them!

They have a bigger budget -- they can *afford* quality content.

Unlike us poverty-stricken green-suiters, who
have to make do with beer.

When we can get it.

Which isn't often...

BostonMaggie said...

What are you talking about?

I am saying that Lex and Pinch have more substantive things to say about the Navy than I do.
Also, I don't drink beer....and from the looks of things at the Castle neither do you.

SK said...

Great post! I'm very happy for all of them, but you're right...W was pretty lucky to have met them too.