Sunday, September 30, 2007

My Asshat Senator

How does he keep getting re-elected? I don't get it. I really don't.

On the Senate floor just a few minutes ago, Kennedy said a hate crimes amendment should be attached to the defense authorization bill because members of the U.S. military commit a significant number of hate crimes.

This was covered over at the Corner Online and I read it at Ace of Spades HQ as well. I didn't know it I was going to blog about it, but then Sherri sent an email and I thought, yeah, I better.

I was sitting with SB the other night. I was reading and he was doing Navy stuff, when one of the Fox commentators brought up the hate crimes amendment. I asked if he had heard Kennedy's statement and I paraphrased it. His head whipped around so fast and there was such a look! I actually moved back a little, lol.

What a rat bastard Kennedy is.


Anthony said...

The only crime is the fact that the majority of your state is dumb enough to keep putting the murdering bastard back into office. Then again, we re-elected a reanimated corpse...

Teresa said...

What is wrong with the people of this state? That man is repellent and yet they keep voting him in!

The one big joy of my life is the fact that I was here during the last election and I FINALLY got a chance to vote against him. It didn't help, but I felt so much better.

BostonMaggie said...

Anthony - I have no answers.

Teresa - It's true, everytime I vote I enjoy voting against FatBoy!

SK said...

Truly Maggie, there are very few things in life that I can say "I hate" and mean it. Teddy is one of those things :(