Tuesday, September 18, 2007

CPO Pinning

Friday is the day when my favorite IS1 becomes a Chief Petty Officer. Jen & I will meet up with Bob and his family and other friends at Naval Air Station Brunswick. It's practically in Canada. Jen is ready to shoot me! LOL, there was a time when Bob thought it would be in Newport. How perfect would that have been?!? Anyhow, it's an occassion worth the trip. We won't come all the way back the same day. There will be a layover at Roger's place in Ossippee for drunken debauchery.Shockingly, there are lurkers here from Navy ISPs. If you are there Friday and you think you can figure out who I am............please say hi.
I will leave you with more stuf from CPO Heritage week on Constitution, a video.


BillT said...

It's practically in Canada.

Of course -- how *else* could we expect to get the drop on the hordes of plaid-hatted invaders, crazed from guzzling too much maple syrup and paddling southwards in their flotilla of birchbark canoes?

We're on to their little game -- Just Say "No!" to Summer Hockey!

Teresa said...

Wonderful! Congratulations to CPO Bob and I hope you all have a terrific time! That is so very cool.

Pia said...

Am I allowed to say congrats yet? It's not Friday!
I had the pleasure of seeing several crackerjacks the other day, a feast for the eyes! That just never gets old. I'd say "have fun," but it's not necessary.