Monday, September 17, 2007

On the Other Hand...........

..............some people get compliments that are very well deserved indeed.

Tonight the favorite Naval consort called to brag about a book he received from an author he admired; complete with a personalized autograph.
The author wrote that SB was "...truly a sheepdog...". I laughed and exclaimed "How perfect!" SB was surprised that I *got it*.
He said he knew it was a compliment but he was a little hazy on the concept. The author read the look on his face and directed him to read an excerpt from LTC (ret) Dave Grossman's "On Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs". He read it and then realized what a huge compliment the author's salutation was. I laughed and said "Of course! But he's completely right. It was my first thought when I read about the whole Sheepdog thing - that's SB." Then he read me the excerpt and even though I have read it myself, I listened carefully. I am always pleased when SB wants to share something......anything with me. It moved him. It's very powerful and if you have never read it, you should.
We discussed the concept briefly and I told him that I thought the first I had read of it was at the Castle where John discussed Professor Liviu Librescu and his actions at Virginia Tech this past spring. SB agreed that it was a proper characterization.

It was late - he is working so hard to prepare for what's coming - we exchanged our goodnights and I admonished him as always to dream of me.

Now I'm out here and I want to say thank you to all the people who help me shine in his eyes. Thanks to all the Milbloggers who give me that leg up, that help in understanding sheepdogs....that insight so that I can anticipate his needs and be the best damn bedwarmer ever issued by DOD to the best damn SWO the Navy has.

Thanks John, Chief, Matty, Uncle Jimbo, Noonan and all the guys at OpFor, and all of the SWO at the supersecret Navy website where they let me lurk. You guys help me with everything from the lingo to the history to the whole big picture thing and I am grateful.


BillT said...

Happy to teach you anything you need to know.

Even though I'm more of an old grey wolfhound than a sheepdog...

BostonMaggie said...

Wolfhound? LOL! Hardly! But I won't disabuse you of that illusion.

BillT said...


Your innocent belief in my placid nature is touching.

[I *love* it when they underestimate me...]