Monday, October 02, 2006

This Day In History

"In 1780, British spy Maj. John Andre was convicted in connection with Benedict Arnold's treason and was hanged in Tappan, N.Y."
Jen and I watched the History Channel's "Revolution" series. All I have to say about this is....."In his boot? WTF? That was the best hiding spot he could come up with? His boot?"


Anonymous said...

What do you expect?
The Brits have never been known for their imagination.

bjbarron said...

You would like reading about women soldiers in the War of Northern Agression.

Amazing. The Victorian attitudes of the time allowed extreme privacy, and almost all of the hundreds of women soldiers on both sides got away with it unless wounded or killed.

One heart breaking story is told of a dead confederate found within touching distance of that eternal stone wall after Pickett's charge...a young woman, known only to God.

A teaser:

BostonMaggie said...

It's funny but I've never read much about that time period. Most likely a product of living in Boston (heavy Revolutionary War influence) and being raised by a Navy guy with an interest in WWII. I will have to follow the link and see.

Just the other day ConcreteBob used the tern "War of Northern Aggression" with me. I had to stop and think for a minute. As you can imagine, we don't refer to it that way here, lol.