Saturday, October 28, 2006

I Think This Is Scarier.......

......than anything I will see on Halloween.

Over at OpFor there is a post up from LtCol P titled "A What-If on the Future of America".

Follow the links and then let me know how you sleep tonight.


bjbarron said...

As noted in the comments for that piece....

Apocalypse Porn

If you think it thru, it won't work as well as the bad guys think it will.

(1) The prep that business has done to get records out of the financial areas (after 911) is mind-numbing. I know - I was part of it. Most financial records are safe.

(2) Lose Washington - most disaster work is done at the local level anyway for months until the guv'mint gets there. Any politicians who survived would be replaced immediately for being stupid.

(3) All nuke material is fingerprinted where ever it comes from in the world. There wouldn't be 3 million third worlders dying of starvation in a year, there'd be half a billion dead in weeks. Would it matter really who sent it - if it was identified as NoKo and Iranian?

(4) The real America is 50 miles outside of every city, killing a couple of million city dwellers is just going to piss off the rest.

They can't get enough of us and they can't destroy enough of our infrastructure that way.

There are other ways to destroy us, but they just take longer and require us to be asleep.

BostonMaggie said...

I agree with everything you said about the "after" part. I am not worried about that. The part I found frightening is that more than half of the voting public could be so blinded with anti-war/anti-Bush duped by the media that they could think we could avoid attack by putting our collective heads in the sand. That electing Hillary and leaving Iraq post-haste could quell the Islamo-Facicst terrorist. That 51% of America could be so stupid as to think we could "roll up" our borders and be left alone. That so many of my fellow countrymen/women could forget that the price of freedom is eternal vigilence.

Barb said...

Well said there, Maggie -- I don't like the After picture, but I fear the complacency of the voting public on many levels.