Tuesday, October 03, 2006


My sisters and nieces went with me to the movies Sunday. Frankie called my just before we went, checking on me. He asked who was going and I told him. He laughingly called them my "posse". I wanted to see "The Guardian". The response was tepid. I had to bully Grace. I'm not ashamed, lol. The important thing is that I got what I wanted. So off we go to the movie. My mother put freshly baked brownies in a Ziploc bag (when we opened it in the movies, the smell was incredible) for us to smuggle in. We had M&Ms, Kissables, popcorn and Coke. Sunday was the last day before going back on Atkins. I am bereft. LOL The movie was good and everyone liked it. You know how I like that John Wayne-hero-good guy stuff! My sisters have similar views....imagine with a father like ours! Who would have guessed that little girls who saw every episode of "Victory At Sea" would feel this way? I pestered Grace until she admitted out loud that she liked it. I reported to SB that there was an eye-poke or two directed at the Navy......he was somewhat gracious.

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bjbarron said...

I'm getting bullied by my wife to go see this one.

Apparently testosterone is not a bad thing in this PC world when it is attributed to good lookin' actors.

Also testosterone was not a bad thing when I met her as a Navy diver 35 years ago. She's still around here somewhere busting my chops, so apparently not.