Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Why Is Paris Burning?

This was the title of the lecture I attended last night at the Kennedy School of Government. It was very interesting, although I am sure I would have enjoyed it more if I spoke French. Two of the speakers were ethnically African Frenchmen. Their accents were thick at times and one speaker occasionally lapsed into French. You could tell who spoke French in the audience.....they would laugh when it happened. On the other hand, there were two professors there I found to be very engrossing. One specialized in riots! Who knew there was enough subject matter there to specialize in? Overall the tone was very liberal and apologist. The problem was lack of transporation, yet the rioters managed to arrange transportation when they need to get from one riot scene to another. The problem was poverty, yet they all had cell phones and designer hip/hop clothes. It was the usual baloney about social problems. My problem during the riots was this; I didn't know who to root for!
Overall for me...........Why is Paris burning? Who cares?

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