Saturday, December 31, 2005

Taking a bath

Someone sent me a video clip the other day. It was a commercial showing a woman taking a bath. She walks down the hall of a clean house to her clean, well appointed, huge bathtub. The robe drops to the floor and she sinks into the bubbles. I was soooooooo jealous!!
I wanted a bath last night. So, first I had to clean the table, put the clothes from the dryer onto it, put the towels in the dryer and load the washer. We have to be responsible here! Then it's off to the bathroom where we dump Ajax in the tub to scrub it 'cause I'm not bathing where those stinky boys shower unless there is lots of scrubbing. Once the tub is scrubbed and the dirty towels are off the floor and the floor and I clean the sink and hey! while I'm at it let's scrub the toilet (I've got the gloves on what the heck), I'm ready to go fold the clothes, and take mine to my room. Now I will gather up what I want in the tub since I can't leave my stuff in the bathroom, too many boys and their friends, etc. In other words my bathroom sees too much traffic to leave the good stuff in there. I gather together the latest issue of Foreign Policy, candles, my robe, my new dead sea salts from Ahava and a bag of M&Ms. As I pass through the kitchen I grab a bottle of Pom....pomagranete/blueberry juice because there just isn't enough sugar in my system this week! Drop all that in the bathroom and go to move the laundry along. Now I have fresh clean towels. I am ready to close the bathroom door and lock it. Meanwhile, kids have been coming and going....into the kitchen for food, into the living room to the computer, upstairs to Frankie's game of spades. In other words a typical evening. Although no one is allowed into the bathroom now that it has been cleaned. Candles are lit, bath is run, door is locked. I am in! It only took 97 minutes, but it was worth it.

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