Sunday, March 04, 2012

Thanks A Lot Rush, You JackAss

I saw the stupid Rush Limbaugh story and rolled my eyes. Great job you assclown! Now no one is going to see the real issue. You gave a great gift to those who would violate the Catholic Church's freedoms.

I would love to walk up to him and whack him in the back of the head. Who would even know about Nancy Pelosi's hearing if Rush hadn't attacked Sandra Fluke? No one but hardliners on either side and political junkies like me.

Limbaugh has so muddied that waters that the real issue - forcing religious organizations to pay for services that they find morally wrong, is lost. Those who would force Georgetown to pay for contraceptives are violating their first amendment right to freedom of religion.

As long as we allow people to frame the argument as being about woman's "reproductive health", we lose.

To those who would say "The government can not force someone else's views on my behavior and what I do with my body."; it is hypocritical to then turn around and say "The government should impose my views on religious organizations."

If you want freedom, you must respect the freedom of others.


goodman.dl said...

If the Church doesn't want to pay for women to use contraceptives, the Church needs to only hire women who won't use them.

Otherwise, the Church is paying for contraceptives - whether directly through the church health plan, indirectly through an insurer (per Obamacare) or indirectly through wages.

Although, I would guess religious freedom is already constrained on this score, since I'm pretty sure employers aren't allowed to ask that question during the hiring process.

BostonMaggie said...

Obamacare is not in yet in effect. When you go to work, you accept the healthcare plan....or you go somewhere else.