Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Embarking On a Life Of Crime

Today I was listening to a local newscast when the subject turned to....what else?....#OccupyBoston

Occupy Boston: 'This is a movement of the mind'

"Protesters are hoping the conservancy will allow them to put a Gandhi statue and a plaque commemorating their time at Dewey Square."

Well, I better start saving my pennies now. I am going to rip it down and get arrested. I'll do it every day if I have to....or as often as I am out on parole.

Be sure to throw a few bucks in my canteen, so I have chocolate, thanks.


Yer Marine said...

Well, you gotta give them credit. They're half right, anyway.

"Occupy" is a movement, to be sure. The kind associated with a fiber diet. About three and a half feet south of the "mind".

Good luck with your life of crime. You can get pointers from your Aunt who used to run guns to the Sinn Feiners.

BostonMaggie said...

I dies hard here. I was walking down Main Street and "Sinn Fein" was written on the sidewalk.