Friday, December 30, 2011

Contrary Views

I've been a registered Republican since I turned eighteen and became a voter. While many Democrats don't want to believe it; Republicans run the gamut from moderate to hardcore. And where you fall depends on the viewers perspective. Most people who know me here in Massachusetts find me to be fairly's a blue state. But "flyover country" people find me fairly liberal. And then there is my Dad ("Diane, Miranda isn't necessary if you are innocent, it only helps the guilty.") who found me to be nearly left wing on civil rights.

So I am conservative on military/foreign policy/economic issues and very open on social issues. I only ask that you close the door. If you want to do your own thing, just don't push it in my face.

But I am up for any discussion and I'll consider other views. I am doctrinaire on few things. I think that's why so many #Occupy people would talk to me on Twitter.

I feel this lets me see past a first impression. Others might say it just makes me wishy-washy.

Now most of my conservative friends get very upset about "Citizens Energy" taking oil from Citgo/Venezuala/Chavez. But I think they are missing the big picture. Citizens Energy, for those of you who may not know is a non-profit that supplies home heating oil to those who can't afford it. They've been doing this for 30 years or so. They started of buying oil at the source, selling some to cover the cost of donating the rest. This idea particularly appealed to me. Instead of just asking for money, they were using their smarts to make money and doing good with it. They also accept donations.

In recent years, with oil prices going up and more and more people needing help, they asked oil companies to make direct donations. Citgo said yes. And just like any other charity, Citgo's generosity was acknowledged in their ads.

Did I mention that the president of this organization is Joe Kennedy? He started this before he ran for and served in Congress. Now Joe Kennedy is far to my left. And in my opinion he was not an effective Congressman. But you can't take the success of Citizens Energy away from him.

Some people think that because Hugo Chavez is not a friend of the United States that Citizens Energy should not accept the donation.

Really? I think that's ridiculous. First off, it's not Joe Kennedy's place to refuse it, it's for the families/people in need. So you want Joe Kennedy to make political statements by punishing people who are up against it? My opinion is that anyone who objects isn't thinking this through to it's logical conclusion.

You don't like Hugo. I get that. I don't either. Hugo uses oil money to repress his people and consort with other countries that are not our friends. I know Hugo makes this donation just to zing us. So what?

Are we that childish that people should be cold because you don't like Hugo's foreign policy? How short sighted! Should people be cold because Joe Kennedy is liberal or from a liberal family or he was born wealthy?

People who carp about it are only adding fuel to Hugo's fire. He's laughing every time someone beefs. Because then he gets to say Kennedy asked for help and only he helped. That's a fact.

It's not Joe Kennedy's place to turn away donors when there are little kids sleeping under ten blankets because Dad got laid off.

It's a worthy cause and if you want to donate, follow this link.


elle said...

I think it's because it's seen as Chavez likely has ulterior motives. Like the mafia—it's good to have protection, but it comes with a price. Also maybe a bit of pride-swallowing to have to get help from a horrendous dictator. Which highlights how ridiculous it is that we have so many restrictions disallowing our own oil exploration.

BostonMaggie said...

Yes, Hugo definitely has a motive, to make us look bad. But it's a case of "sticks and stones".

But it most definitely highlights the fact that we hamstring ourselves in the energy field.

Anonymous said...

Joe Kennedy, as of 5 years ago, made over $450,000 a year (plus extras)from his "non-profit" organization. He's a kennedy. Read their history. It is in their genes to be crooks and he is no different. As for being a social liberal, you are on the path to the nutty dems we now have in this state. Check out the cost (money and otherwise)to our culture from some of the "great" ideas the liberals have forced on us throughout the last 40 years. Time to open your eyes.

BostonMaggie said...

What's wrong with making money? what's wrong with being compensated for your time and effort? Are you saying that to help others, you must take a vow of poverty?

The point is, are those in need helped? The answer is yes.

If you don't like the compensation he recieves, then don't participate.

The reason for the post was to say that he shouldn't be faulted for accepting Chavez's donation.