Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Arguing With The Childish

Update - Her last last reply before this post was to tell me to stop tweeting her or she'll block me. Since then, she's sent two more tweets. She's mad she didn't get a link in this blog. Seriously? LOL!

♪♫I'm not touching you.....♪♫

So, I am amusing myself with Twitter and listening to Howie Carr when I get a tweet from a pro-Elizabeth Warren (Democratic candidate for Massachusetts US Senator). In responding, I find to my delight that @ElizabethNewsRTs is a bot that simply favorites anything someone writes about Elizabeth Warren.

I decide to have a little fun with it and tweet some pro-Scott Brown messages.

A person I don't know or follow pops up in my feed. She tweets @ me
"FYI will be a competent addition to Senate. What experience did Brown have besides driving a pick~up truck? "

Ok, I'll play. I talk to people with opposing viewpoints all the time. I've said time & again, if I couldn't talk to Democrats and liberals, I would pretty lonely here in Massachusetts.

So, there is some back and forth where she is sarcastic about the truck and tweets 3 times that Scott Brown hasn't driven the truck since the election. Yeah, whatever, who cares.

Then she tells me i need to be more educated about Senator John Kerry. Really? LOL! What don't I know about him? That he's a military fraud? Check. That he's a gigolo? Check. That he is useless in the Senate and has done nothing meaningful? CHECK. That as much as I loathed Ted Kennedy, I will admit he was tops at furnishing constituent services and Kerry is worthless in this area? Check.

Rodiogal also claimed that I insulted Elizabeth Warren by calling her a "carpetbagger". Umm, look it up, I think Warren's pic is right there next to the definition.

So I answer every tweet. And when she finally realizes that she can't bullshit or cow me, she throws out this one -

":D Twenty tweets to me? You know, obsessive compulsive disorders can be treated with medication now."

Nice, imagine a conservative taking a shot with a mental health slur? Yeah, I know.

So I point out that I was merely answering her. That she started with me, I didn't seek her out. Then she threatens to block me...........LOL! Block away! No one's going to miss you.


Yer Marine said...

Great title for the post. :)

You should have told her after her medication comment that you were at Occupy holding a sign that demands free medication. For you and your Hep B-infected needle-sharing boyfriend with the death skull tattoo on his face. She would have loved you.

You are the 99%.

Anonymous said...

As C. S. Lewis remarked, moderns hate. Liberals don't get involved until they have something (preferably someone) to hate. Remember George W. Bush = Adolph Hitler?
Consider it an award, Maggie. Somebody hates you.

BostonMaggie said...

My Marine - stop making fun of my BF's face tattoo.

Anonymous - Wow! And i thought i knew how to look on the bright side! LOL, good job.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is right...if you nail a liberal with facts, they will then insult you-er, try to and act as if they are superior to you with as much hate as they can muster. If I Twittered, that would be fun, fun, fun to rake them over the coals until the hate spewed forth!! :)