Saturday, September 16, 2006

YouTube: the Internet’s Tokyo Rose

This is the title of an article in The Boston Herald everyone should read. If you are here reading this blog, you have most likely been to YouTube. What they are allowing is wrong and Jules Crittenden is calling them on it.

Internet video is the new rage. Everyone’s gotta have it. In a world where everyone gets to be a star, everyone’s the media, everyone’s an artist and everyone’s a comedian, YouTube rules. Now it turns out, YouTube is the place where everyone gets to be a traitor.

Guess what’s hot on YouTube.

G.I. snuff films. Insurgent footage of Americans being killed in Iraq. Sometimes listed under "entertainment" and "comedy," with gleeful commentary, some of it apparently added by Americans. The Honolulu Star-Bulletin has the details, including a deafening silence from San Mateo-based YouTube on the subject. Dan at has a roundup.

H/T to GatewayPundit

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jarhead john said...

It doesn't surprise me a bit. Various media outlets (inlcuding internet venues) actively support our enemies, while censoring those who condemn them (look at Google's removal of news listings that bash Islam, and label them at "hate speech.").