Saturday, September 02, 2006

Is Someone at State Paying Attention To This

Today's New York Times has a story about Arabs moving into Kurdish neighborhoods. We need to be there, helping. We need to do stuff to make this easier. The Kurdish territory can't turn into some refugee camp.

Iraqi Arabs See Unlikely Haven With Old Foes

Along with a Ferris wheel and ice cream stands, the park at the heart of this Kurdish city has a monument listing the names of dozens of Kurds killed in a torture compound here by Saddam Hussein’s intelligence officers.
Yet, there was Sabah Abdul Rahman, a former intelligence officer, strolling just yards from the monument with his family on a recent evening.
Driven from Tikrit, Mr. Hussein’s hometown, by violence and their resentment of the American military, the family had arrived here that very day and found a $30-a-night apartment.
“This is the only safe place in all of Iraq,” said Mr. Abdul Rahman, himself a Sunni Arab, as children scampered around him. “There’s terrorism elsewhere and the presence of the Americans.”

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