Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Citgo Sign

Everyone in Boston is talking about the Citgo sign. If you aren't from Boston, the next time the Sox are on, tune in for a few minutes. The sign is visible when a home run is hit and the TV cameras show it all the time. It's one of those cool Boston things....the Salt and Pepper bridge....Fanueil Hall....the Bunker Hill monument....the Citgo sign.

People who are upset about Hugo Chavez' remarks at the "Turtle Bay Comedy Fest" as Peter Sagal put it, want the sign covered. Howie Carr spent at least two hours Friday fielding calls from people who want it draped in an American flag, or an Israeli flag (wrong dictator, people), or something all black or "W"s picture. This is the silliest stuff I ever heard. They were words. Didn't your mother ever tell you "Sticks and stones......"? Hello, we are all about the free speech.

Besides the fact that it's an empty gesture, the sign is on private property. Yes, I know the city of Boston spends money on it. It's a cultural landmark. That doesn't take away the fact that it's on BU property. Also, is anyone considering the 4,000 American jobs that could be hurt by this silliness? A boycott will only hurt the 14,000 independent Citgo dealers. If we stop buying Hugo's oil, he will find another buyer easily. He will not make as much selling to China because of the increased overhead, but he will turn a tidy profit, none-the-less.

If you really want to hurt Chavez. If you really want to take away his power. If you really want to sieze this opportunity to do good. Then go green. Ou government should grab this issue and run with it. There should be World War II style posters encouraging conservation with slogans saying that saving gas, carpooling, fuel efficiency help the Global War on Terrorism in general and shut up people like Chavez in particular. If you took away his money from oil he would be just like every other bum ranting on The Boston Common (but better dressed). With out oil profits to prop up their corrupt regimes, Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would be herding goats.

Don't get me wrong, it won't be easy. I am the last to call for others to conserve. I don't carpool, I don't take advantage of public transportation, I rinse my whites twice when doing laundry. But if the government got behind this and pushed it the way they made people feel patriotic for giving up tin and not wearing stockings during WWII, I think we could get somewhere. Besides as I have previously posted, I believe that peak oil is a reality and better to plan now than try to play catch-up.

So, take the bus, or put some insulation in your attic and leave the Citgo sign alone.


Anonymous said...

So are you going to take the bus or carpool as an example fpr all to follow?
I thought I'd find someting here about the Bill Clinton performance yesterday!

BostonMaggie said...

SB - I am a shining example of other activities, aren't I?

Did you follow the link to The Castle? The Armorer is so mean, he compared me to Al Gore!!! Are you going to stick up for me? I am much prettier.

Anonymous said...

An example that is without peer! And much, much prettier.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, someone should stick up for Maggs over at The Castle(Lord knows i won't 'cause it usually means someone other than me is getting capped on). We throw tuna pretty liberaly over there. And we'd love to know the mysterious SouthieBoy better(we're a bunch of meddlers). ;)