Friday, September 02, 2011

Great Article on #Yoga & #PTSD

Veterans heal traumatic stress with yoga
Many combat veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan have found a new form of therapy.
Hannah McGoldrick
August 31, 2011 11:23
BOSTON — It was three months into the first deployment of the Army Reserves to Saudi Arabia and the troops were still acclimating when a Scud attack came and changed one enlisted soldier’s life forever.

Maj. Sue Lynch was 20 at the time the Scud, a tactical ballistic missile, hit her compound during the Gulf War. When the missile hit she couldn’t move, frozen in the shock of the event.

“I shut down, I went completely numb,” Lynch said.

In the event of a Scud attack, soldiers are ordered to get into chemical suits for protection, but Lynch was unable to move. A fellow soldier was able to get Lynch to safety but the attack left Lynch scarred.

“You start to make jokes about it, you watch them from the rooftops like the 4th of July fireworks,” she said. “But when you come home it’s not so funny
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