Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Too Pooped To Pop

That was a Mama Kelley-ism for being beyond tired. That's where I am. Yesterday I did yoga. A lot. So this morning when I woke up.....hey there were 12 minutes left in the morning when I rolled over and switched the computer on. It counts. Anyway, I decided to go to the "Bunkah Pool". Otherwise known as the "Robert George White Fund Pool" at the top of Bunker Hill Street aka Charlestown Heights. It's in the Ensign John Doherty Park.
Sadly, they took away the diving boards for the 11 foot pool. But every so often they open it and all the kids go running.

I was happy in the regular pool. But I stayed too long. I was there from 2 to 4; went home and napped for three hours.....and now I am going to bed.

Not exactly a productive day.

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Warrant Diver said...

Productiveness is over-rated. I cherish the days where I do nothing, they are rare.