Sunday, July 10, 2011

Adventures on The T

So this will not be as good as the lost post. I type kinda stream of consciousness. Once it's's out.

Now you are going to get the Reader's Digest version.

I've been riding the "T" all my life. But usually I found the place I needed to be and mapped my way to that point. But now I want to explore it for the fun of it. My son Tom has done it and he had a good time.

After all, even the trips with hiccups bring me fun stuff.

Thursday I had an appointment in Melrose. I mapped it out, but changed it at the last minute when Grace questioned it. So I ended up doing a lot of walking. But it wasn't more than I could handle, so it was good exercise. I had lunch at Liberty Bell Roast Beef. Grace said she had been meaning to try it and I promised her a review. It was good, clean, friendly.....but no Beachmont. Overall, Thursday ended up in the plus column.

Yesterday I went over to the Chelsea Yacht Club for a friend's (a Sailor!) Welcome Home Party. It was great! I had to introduce myself to the guest of honor, lol! Hey, we were both busy this past know? But I had a great time with Kathy, Bobby, Kevin & their mother Christine. Welcome home from Afghanistan, Chief and thanks for your service!

At one point I was discussing the commute from Charlestown and Bobby's girlfriend said there should be a zipline across the Mystic. What a great idea! After all, I could have just gone to the bottom of Elm Street, slipped around the back of Montego Bay and zipped across the Mystic! Instead I took the 93 to the 111.

On the way home, I missed the 111 and rather than wait 25 minutes for the next one - it was Saturday night - I took the 116 to Revere Station. I am pretty comfortable with the Blue Line. The first year I was married we lived in Beachmont. The Blue Line was closed from Wonderland to Orient Heights so they were running shuttle busses. What's the first stop after Revere? Beachmont Station. What's under Beachmont Station? Beachmont Roast Beef!!! Since there had been tons of food at the party, I wasn't hungry. But as Scarlett says "Tomorrow is another day!", With that in mind I picked up a roast beef sangwitch for Sunday night's #FallingSkies episode. It's my new favorite summer show. What do I like best? It's supposed to be happening in and around Boston, but no one tries the cheesy Boston accent. That's right, if you aren't from here, just don't.

So those were my hiccups that turned out well. But there was also a "lesson learned". I carry my Route 66 tote everywhere (thanks Stella!). I usually have a book, a bottled water, pens, papeR, bus skeds, hand sanitizer, etc. But from now on, when I am wearing dressy shoes like last nights dressy black wedge peeptoes........I am going to toss flip flops or keds in the bag. My adventure that went from Revere to Boston City Hall Plaza was fun on a beautiful summer night would have been more fun in flats.


Anonymous said...

I remember my first time on the "T"...I was young and in love...and he had been riding the T since he was a boy...I only paid a penny. Military rides free...Quincy Market was soooo freaking awesome. I still have a mug I bought there. Boston was never so much fun as being with someone who grew up there...(PS I am normally a lurker. I am glad you are getting more stamina back!!)

BostonMaggie said...

Thank you.