Saturday, March 19, 2011

Stations - Week 2 - Not Too Bad

I made it to Stations last night thanks to Kathy and Sean. Sean even thought ahead to back into the driveway that connects to the side of the church so I only had to walk a short distance. I don't know how many people even realize it connects and besides, it's a private way. Anyhow, it bypassed the stairs.

I made it through the first three Stations, stand, genuflect, kneel, stand, repeat. I had to sit for the next twelve. But I did manage to kneel for the Benediction and stand for the conclusion. Now we have a benchmark......hopefully next week I make it through a few more.

Kathy delivered me all the way into the parlour. She knows she doesn't want any trouble with Muriel!

My mother halfway made my peanutbutter and jelly sandwich. I got off the couch for some of it. I used all the peanutbutter and my mother called to my Dad to get another jar while he was in the back hall. He brings out a jar of peanuts and tells her it's going to take a while. He really does crack himself up.

When the favorite Naval Consort called he wanted to know why that was my dinner.....didn't I realize I was exempt? Didn't I realize I could have gone to Burger King????

Please...........exemptions are for cheaters. I might not be able to get through all the Stations, but I can get through Friday without meat. Did I tell you Dr. Miller said I could have salad in two weeks?

I am on the fence about cake tomorrow. I want something special, but of course, I've left it until the last minute. I looked at some bakeries, I've looked at some recipes.......

I guess I'll have to let you know.


ADM J. C. Harvey, Jr USN said...

Maggie, Happy Birthday! The Naval Station Mass today will be offered for your continued recovery. All the best from the United States Navy, JCHjr

BostonMaggie said...

I don'tknow if I can express what your kind words and support mean to me. Thank you.