Thursday, March 31, 2011


I got up at noon, laid in bed for a bit, then showered. I was sitting on the bed, resting after my exhaustive shower, lol.

My Dad came through the room. I am still in a hospital bed in his TV room, next to the bathroom on the second floor. I am not strong enough to consistently make it to the very nice bedroom they have for me on the third floor. I ask him how my sister-in-law is. She is in MGH for a non-life-threatening, but painful reason. And to rub salt in the would, she and my brother Frank were supposed to leave on a cruise tomorrow. Poor Diane & Frank!

Anyway, my Dad starts to outline the day. Now I know that in addition to whatever he is about to tell me, he got up at 5 am, showered, cleaned something and had breakfast with my mother. But he also.... walked to the supermarket - 1 mile round trip - to get milk, eggs and bread. Then my brother Frankie called, his car registration was expiring today. He hasn't left Diane since Sunday. So my father walked to MGH - 1.9 miles - to get Frankie's registration. Then down to the registry in Chinatown - anther mile. Then back to MGH to drop stuff off and check on them. Then he walked home. He had lunch and showered again.

Yeah! Well I showered!

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Scott Wiruth said...

Hey Maggie, Glad to hear you are doing better. Keep up the good fight. Beth and I are praying for you. Scott