Sunday, October 30, 2005

Scooter and Cheney

I'm not getting something here..........Scooter is a nitwit for lying about telling the truth. But why is Cheney supposed to apologize for this? Scooter wasn't found guilty for speaking to the reporter. He wasn't found to have leaked classified info. He got into a grand jury room....alone....and was stupid. He is by many accounts a smart man. He had the trust and respect of Cheney, another smart man. I am sure the Vice-President is shaking his head just like I am. How does Cheney word this apology............."Sorry Scooter had a brain infarct."?
I caught Tony Snow on Bill Maher last night..........excellent!!!! Shot down all Maher's misinformation. Told the comedian Billy Connelly to read the Senate Intel report on Wilson and then come back and talk. Awesome!

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