Monday, April 06, 2015

Two Posts In One Day???

I can't help it.  I scored and I have to brag somewhere.  Of course, I also proved to myself once again that I am a clown and it has nothing to do with Pomalyst.

First, I had to go to Walmart to get a Dutch Oven.  I want to make a boiled dinner and I don't want to use the stock pot.  It was warm here and I was feeling pretty good, so I decided to walk.  I figured if I got tired, I could take the trolley home.  Or, more likely if I over purchased, I could take the trolley home.  So the trolley that picks up at Walmart arrives every hour on the hour.  Except 7pm.  2pm?  no problem.  5pm?  No problem.  Every hour except 7pm.  Now I have been caught standing at the bus stop before and it was a few months ago, so it was dark.  It's not a HUGE problem, there is cab service in Staunton.  I have the numbers pre-programmed.  But planning would be better, right?

So I walk up, it's two miles.  I didn't particularly rush.  And I was there in about 30 minutes.  Yeah, I am no four minute miler....but's not too bad.

I have a list, Kleenex - not heavy.  Dutch oven - not heavy because I wasn't spending oodles of money on it.  Shower curtain liner - not heavy.  Then I take a turn up the Easter Candy aisle.  So, I have explained my love of Hershey-ettes before in this blog.  Hershey-ettes are better than M&Ms, but harder to get.  M&Ms won the marketing war.  But they are usually around for holidays.  At Easter they are "Bunny Ears" and they are all white.  They are usually with the Reese's Ears that are all orange.  I think they get passed up because people don't get it.  Reese's, thanks to the movie ET are universally recognized.  But you have to be a little *cough* more mature to remember Hershey-ettes as a common candy.  So that's fine with me because I walked up the aisle and literally scored 48 bunny ears of Hershey-ettes at 50% off!!!!!  WooHoo!
So, why am I a clown?  I walked outside at just 6:55pm.  Yeah, 48 Hershey-ette Bunny Ears in my string bag and a two mile walk home.  How?  How did I time this so badly once again???

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