Monday, April 20, 2015

Mass Murder

Yes, that was what derailed my plans yesterday and today.

I was going to do my minimal cleaning yesterday and then watch alllllll the Sunday news shows.  I watch them all.  I talk back to the TV.  I tweet.

But I never got to it.  Because there were tiny sugar ants in the kitchen.  So instead there was intense cleaning and.......murder.
I mixed sugar and borax and put it out in strategic places.  I checked periodically to trace their route.  I put out more sugar and borax.

Today I cleaned everything on the counter and nearby cabinets.

Many ants were murdered.


Charity said...

I love Borax, but I didn't know that trick!

Beverly said...

Congrats on your victory, oh intrepid ant slayer! We get attacked every summer. Borax is now on my check list.

A friend uses cinnamon. It kind of works. Here's the link so you can add to your arsenal...

The Frugal Life - Ants

Captain Steve said...

On a slightly off note--The picture of 20 Mule Team Borax immediately sent my mind to Ronald Reagen hosting that show that they sponsored--which had the Old Ranger etc. on it.

I hadn't seen the brand in tears--but then I don't do a lot of detergent shopping.

Thanks for the memory jog--and kudos on the ant kill.