Monday, October 07, 2013

Nothing Much Is Going On Today

There was some furniture to arrange yesterday.  I know better than to heft that barge and tote that bale.  But in my current anal fashion, I decided some (more) cleaning should happen.

I emptied my room of everything in prep to wash walls, ceilings and floors.  I even talked Sara into buzzing me to the local "Dollar" store to find a cleaning liquid I liked the smell of.  We found Comet Lilac Bliss.
 I must go back and stock up since an appearance in a dollar store is often the last stop before oblivion.

I listened to MIDRATs as I scrubbed the ceiling, up and down the step stool.  I checked their chatroom as I scrubbed the floor on my hands and knees.

Once everything was put back together, the first move was complete.  It smelled great!  I love lilacs.

I looked at the second room and promised to get cleaning in there this morning.  More like on the couch watching movies with my friends "Milky Way" & "Bayer Aspirin"

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Charity said...

I grew up in an old rectory. The church was across the street, but had been torn down. Anyway, this ancient house which drove my parents nuts was fantastic to grow up in. It had three basements including a wine cellar. Never mind the giant snakes we'd find in the wine cellar. There was a lilac bush that took up the entire length of one side of our driveway. It must have rooted itself and just made a giant lilac tree/hedge. People would stop and ring our bell to ask if they could cut them. My mom would put vases of them all through the house. They were the generic light purple color and of course smelled amazing; childhood!