Saturday, October 05, 2013

My Share Of Tom's Vacation

So Tom has some time coming to him and he asked if I wanted to do something.  He's going to take me to have lunch or dinner with Mary Ripley......his request.  He's awesome, isn't he?
****UPDATE - My Marine would like me to inform you that while many have suggested visiting Civil War.....he is the most important among them, also the most insistent and the biggest taskmaster.
He asks what else I might want to do.  When I moved down here many suggested some Civil War sites.  So I ask Tom what he thinks.  And he brings up the #GovernmentShutDown.

The World War II Memorial and it's special reinforced Barry-cades.

And the blocked of scenic drive so no one can park & take pics of Mount Rushmore.

And the locking of the gates to the parking lots at MinuteMan Park.

So, what Civil War places will we visit?

Any damn one I want.


Yer Marine said...


"Many" suggested?

Yer Marine was most adamant of all!

Even wrote a post about it!

And yet, I am lumped in with the "many". *Sigh*. Now I know how the Professor and Mary-Ann felt during the first season of Gilligan's Island....

Yer Marine said...

There. That's better.

Anonymous said...

Here's something you can do about that: