Saturday, January 26, 2013

"What Difference Does It Make?"

How stupid is this????

Picture this -

A major building in a major city burns down.  MONTHS later the Fire Marshal says, indignantly, mind you -

 "Was it because of faulty wiring or an arsonist?  What difference, at this point, does it make?"

Would you accept that?  Would it make any sense at all with the next sentence -

"It is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again."

First off, it's contradictory.  The cause doesn't matter, but now we need to "...figure out what happened..."

Well which is it dipshit?  We need to figure it out or it doesn't matter?  Pick one.

If you wouldn't accept it from my fictitious fire Marshal, why would you accept it from the Secretary of State regarding Benghazi.

In typical understatement My Bad Boyfriend said to the SecState "frankly, the answers that you’ve given this morning are not satisfying to me.”



Kanani said...

He was being very diplomatic.

Anonymous said...

I have been posting once a week on facebook reminding those who read that I demand accountability. Heh. And I've been told that I am just an angry conservative!! Fuck yes! How dare they ignore the truth and continue to peddle bullshit and lies!!

Anonymous said...

This is a classic game of false equivalency propagated by the conservatives and trumpeted by Fox News in hopes of producing a scandal. It has failed. The point Secretary Clinton was referring to was whether a protest uprising or or a militant killed those folks at the Embassy. She is right, it doesn't matter. Maybe if the conservative HOR had approved funding for security upgrades this wouldn't have happened. But they were too busy trying to ban abortion and kill social security. What difference does it make?

BostonMaggie said...

First off dummy, I heard the point she made and she was wrong. It does matter, you can't prevent what you don't understand.

Secondly, conservatives are not trying to create a scandal, it is already scandalous. It is scandalous to ignore the threat of radical Islam. It is scandalous to diminish the threat presented by organized militias. It was scandalous that those survivors were not interviewed immediately. It is scandalous that Susan Rice blamed the stupid video. It is scandalous that there was not immediate back up for Doherty and Woods.

No one needs to make a scandal up.

I love how liberals are always bringing up FoxNews. I was conservative before they existed. Sorry you people are upset that FNC lifts at the curtain and exposes what other media sources won't tell you.

You think more money would have helped this? You need more money to know that Stevens had no business being somewhere that vulnerable on that particular day? what are you going to do with that money buy a working brain?

But if more money is what you want, why don't you stop throwing money at Solaris and other boondoggles. How about the money allocated in the budget for global warming? How about we use that?

Anonymous said...

Really, naming calling to start off with? That's pretty juvenile. Does it matter if a protest or a militant killed those four innocents? NO! What matter is that they are dead, and that we figure out how to prevent the matter from happening again. Ron Johnson clearly wanted the sensationalist answer from the former Secretary. Frankly, she disarmed and disrobed Johnson and Rand Paul, who should be ashamed of his performance.

Four people died. But Rand Paul, Roger Ailes, Charles Krauthammer and the like decided to try make this the worst tragedy since 9/11! Really? All because Susan Rice went on the Sunday shows and went of talking points, while Clinton refused to go those shows? I guess that whole, going into Iraq because of WMDs that cost the lives of thousands of soldiers is not a tragedy to the conservative establishment. Frankly, Hillary Clinton's answers met the muster in terms of most of the reasonable folks in America. The fringe folks like yourself continue to clamor for blood. Sounds great on Brietbart, but doesn't reasonate in the real world.

I'm sorry, but Fox News is the loudest voice in the conservative movement. They used to advertise on "Fair and Balanced". Now they don't even try.

Would more money have helped it this? Who knows. Could it have helped? Maybe? I mean the money invested in increased security in Turkey at the embassy certainly prevented a greater casualty.

But keep coming with the juvenile insults and name calling. It's par for the course, and I wouldn't expect anything more from someone who is so often in the wrong.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous- you really are a tool. If I had a buck for every time a left-minded thinker threw the "Fox News" meme out, I wouldn't have to work. Holy shit! That you people actually swallow the giz Hilary had fed you is always going to astound me! I don't suppose you have seen the report that Ambassador Stevens asked for more help and who had control of that, Hmm? Oh, when that ship finally sinks...It's me DefendUSA not anonymous...wouldn't take my ID...

Anonymous said...

I didn't figure you would post my response.

BostonMaggie said...

Dear Anonymous, you started with me by trying to say I just didn't "get" what Clinton said. So don't go crying about me calling you "dummy".

It does matter who was involved and why. You can't solve problems you don't understand.

I do not engage anyone on the subject of Iraq & WMDs unless you have read the 9/11 Commission Report & the Duelfer Report. Otherwise, you are just tossing out red herrings, just like you did with the FoxNews crack.

As for the rest of your comments...blah, blah, blah "fringe" blah blah.

Yeah, you know what most Americans think, believe, whatever. If I'm wrong so often, stop reading. I could give a fat rat's ass.

BostonMaggie said...

"I didn't figure you would post my response."

Call the wambulance!!

I haven't been online since Tuesday morning. I am here at my convenience. Not yours.

Why are you responding? I think you are a whining idiot and you think I'm fringe. Why are you here?

This is not an interesting discussion like the ones I have with others who disagree. You jumped right in with insults and a poor attitude. Of course, I haven't been nice. You set the tone.

BostonMaggie said...

DefendUSA, I know, when people are impressed with Clinton's testimony, I am astonished.

Anonymous said...

The idea that you can derive a personal insult out my first post is absolutely astonishing.

The reason I am here? Because people like you engage in conversation like this. You further embolden yourselves through agreement from likewise people, instead of engaging in any type of discussion. When you are called on something, you resort to insults and bombast to get your point across.

But you are the one who came up with "whining idiot". Couldn't have said it better myself, but I didn't.

Anonymous said...

The only name calling on this thread belongs to you, Maggie. It was a discussion of intent, with a focus on how a certain media organization was working to frame the discussion.

Classic conservative logic, if you can't win the argument, change the subject to some broad moral issue. If that doesn't work, move to name calling. Lather, rinse, repeat ad nausem.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous whom BostonMaggie called a name...Boo-friddin' hoo. Benghazi is a fucking scandal, and the media is complicit in hiding it.

The problem with people like you is that you qualify all wrong-doing by the left, whether it be media, the President, or...

And, as a veteran, I demand absolute accountability to the highest order. This was sovereign soil- people died and yet, we have nothing but per usual, the liberals pretend it shouldn't be a scandal.

I wonder, Anonymous, is there anything the government does that you believe should be accounted for? I mean, so far death hasn't required an explanation. What if that Ambassador were your brother, husband or Son? Sigh.

To you liberals, it never matters how shit is taken care of until it affects you personally- and even then the changes sought must be legislated because you'll continue on your merry way to la-la-land and think it's not going to happen again. It would suck to be you.

BostonMaggie said...

Dear Anonymous, nice try. You came to try and put out the fire of truth like all the other little Obambots. Tough luck. I am not cowed by your tone and your red herrings. Your accusation that I reside in an echo chamber is laughable.

I'm pretty sure I know who this is so don't bother coming back, no further comments will be published. I know I told you before I was not one to censor. But I'm tired of people like you who just spew smug anti-American shit.

Stella can come and discuss and disagree. She's so much more intelligent.