Thursday, May 05, 2011

Barbara Walters Is Senile

"President Bush tried, President Clinton tried, but Barack Obama was the one who had the courage and the guts and the coolness," Walters said of the mission before being drowned out in applause from the audience

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Seriously? The clear inference is that Bush didn't have the courage. What an outrageous and disrespectful statement.

I don't watch the View, but Howie keeps playing the clip.



Mrs P said...

Ugh. That's all I've got on that one. I hate The View - they sound like cackling hens. PS I miss ya, hope you had a great time at the conference, I'm so bummed I couldn't be there :(

BostonMaggie said...

We missed you too!

Yer Marine said...

She isn't senile. She is a full-fledged member of the Bush-hating far-left media cabal who will excuse the most egregious intentional acts on the parts of liberal Democrats while loudly decrying anything, real or imagined, which can be attributed to a Republican, tax payer, white person, gun owner (heaven forbid!), which runs contrary to the big-government wealth redistribution plan of King Barack I.

elle said...

I think Yer Marine is trying to tell us something, but I'm a little foggy on his point.

I actually know some liberals (it hurts sometimes, but it's true) and some of them are even getting sick of our skewed "mainstream" media and how in the tank they are for BHO.

The View is unwatchable filth.

Stella said...

Walters was a ground-breaker in that she was the first woman anchor. She has certainly slipped over many years, but deserves some respect for her initial contributions. I find her statement that President Bush tried, President Clinton tried, but Barack Obama was the one who had the courage and the guts and the coolness specious.

I neither like GWB II nor do I believe he "gave up."

It would seem that, instead of giving all the credit to one president or another, first we must consider the heroic act of the Navy SEALS who conducted this operation led through bipartisan efforts to rid the world of bin-Laden. Clearly, Walters is missing the big picture. This military operation's success arose out of a bipartisan effort.

There is marked difference between liberals and progressives. The far left fixates on a specific course as does the far-right. Progressives can be either Democrats or Republicans, and are engaged in learning various views, make up their own minds, eschew propaganda, and are engaged in making the world a better place. Our methods differ, but our goals are the same.

I hope to present a different perspective about liberals, who are often confused with progressives. Progressives often seek people of varying political and social positions with whom they may not agree. The outcome is that becoming more educated. I firmly support this position.

There are those in the far-left media AND the far-right simply spouting from the fringe. Fanaticism in any group is a dangerous precedent. The right-wing FOX presents O'Reilly, Hannity, and Limbaugh as news rather than opinion shows. I don't know how to define the far-left media cabal, but they are not different than the far right who similarly castigate left-wing hating liberals, loudly proclaiming misinformation and lumping us together.

It is dangerous to blame an entire group of people simple because they are of a certain political or ethnic affiliation. It is critical to engage in a civil dialog rather than point fingers at each other and try inflame each other. I do not classify Republicans and/or conservatives as having a homogeneous, ignorant perspective. To castigate an entire group of people by ethnicity, ideology, political views, or religion as clones of a single mind is bigotry.

I greatly disdain the problems I believe GWB II created. I find him an embarrassment to America. I don't have to like him. Alternatively, I am not mindless of the fact that the Crawford Ranch is completely self-sustaining and one of the most environmentally friendly ranches in Texas. (I think I learned that from Maggie, whom I greatly respect.) On the other hand, I understand that Sen. Gore is one of the biggest energy gluttons in Tennessee. My views are not informed by party affiliation.

As a progressive Democrat, I do not have issues with the Second Amendment except in cases of abuse that occurs in criminal activity. There are people who cannot afford food and need to hunt for their livelihood.

I am a hard-working taxpayer myself, who often worked two jobs many times during my career to support myself. Progressive views do not indicate that an individual is lazy.

Stella said...

... oh, and everything elle said, also. Unwatchable filth perfectly defines The View.

LargeBill said...

Fools like Barbara Wawa and the other skanks on the View don't care whether we note their dishonesty. Their goal is to misinform folks who get their news in snippets from the networks. Little old ladies like my mother in law are the target demographic. People who don't pay more than passing interest in politics until election season are fooled by this kind of nonsense.

Stella said...

Large Bill... I agree with you about The View, etc., and people who think they understand the news through "little snippets" of info bits. Jonathan Swift would call them the "index learned" (those that think they've read a book by reading an index),

I ask you to remember that this ignorance cuts both ways. The FOX news reactionary cabal also uses sound bites of fear and misinformation to alarm people.

You don't have to be a conservative to call The View "unwatchable filth," as elle so appropriately stated. Nor does one need to recognize that few people pay attention to politics. This ignorance does not occur on party lines.

That most people do not pay more attention to politics is not at issue. That only liberals, and not conservatives, are guilty of ignorance of politics is very much at issue.

Toad734 said...

Bush probably wouldn't have gone into Pakistan, which was exactly John McCains stance and he called Obama naive when Obama said he would...So yes, Obama had the courage to do it, McCain would not have and perhaps not even Bush.

BostonMaggie said...

Sorry Toad, you are discussing apples and oranges. Bush & McCain declined to push into Pakistan to pursue fleeing Taliban fighters. That was the correct answer in that situation.

Had Bush (or McCain in the alternate universe where he wins the 2008 election) had the information that Obama had (and has had since March) both would most certainly have acted. And more quickly. I'll also throw in Clinton.

You either need to study these things more closely to understand the difference....or you need to stop underestimating me if you think I can be put off with such a silly arguement.