Saturday, April 09, 2011

Laptop Separation Anxiety

Thursday at my appointment we talked about the problems I am having with sleep. My body is all confused with my sleeping around the clock, lack of schedule and exercise, etc. So Kate reels off a bunch of solutions about good sleep hygiene. I must pay attention because I am stuck staring at the ceiling for two and three hours trying to fall asleep. I have never had this problem. I was so good at falling asleep that if it were an Olympic event even the East German judges would have given me high marks. I have fallen asleep in cars, trains, at the movies, in the middle of was effortless.

So Kate asked if I blogged in bed. Before I could answer Jennifer piped right up - "Oh yes!" Of course I blog in bed! Mary Ripley referred to the laptop as my lover because I told her that since I began chemo it's been on the other pillow every night.

So the laptop was banished to the first floor. Yesterday I didn't even check email because I was too tired to go down there. Now today, when I was packing to come down to Jen's, my Dad asked me to leave it so he could look for something online. He knows Jen has multiple computers.

I have not been separated from the laptop for more than a few hours since I got it.

Oh! The pain!


MaryR said...

You and your laptop are coming up on your one-year anniversary :)

Yer Marine said...

WHAT?!?!?!? No laptop? What about MEEEEE?!?!?! What about MY needs?

(How's THAT for sounding like an aviator?)

Enjoy your weekend. Get some sun if you can.

BostonMaggie said...

1st Anniversary is paper, right? I will have to get a card for my laptop.

YM - I am never not thinking about you!

Maryr said...

Aren't the planning a concert at the navy memorial for you anniversary?

Yer Marine said...

GARSH! "Blush*