Tuesday, January 02, 2018

January & Full Moons

I've always paid attention to the moon & celestial events.  I can remember sharing this with Frank & Tom & their friends. 

Now I want to get little Frankie in on this.  I'm still in Virginia, so I have to wait for the second full moon at the end of the month.  While the stargazing was fun, I remember the boys being more concerned about snacks and the weather.  So I will have to put together a list for how I'm keeping him warm and the best snacks for a cold night on the beach.  I'm hoping the bitter cold relents for a few days around the 30th/31st.

Grommet has this thing that I like the idea of...not the price of, lol.  Oh well, I have a month to figure it out.


Yer Marine said...

Yeah, but Churchill was wicked awesome!

BostonMaggie said...

Was he? Reports are I fell asleep. No knock on Churchill....it might have been my date.