Wednesday, May 03, 2017

TSA Comes For My Candy... It's War!

Ok, so I am moving from one hide-away to another today.  Flying from PVD to BWI.

I booked early.

I got a good deal.

I was packed and ready to go in time to walk through the apartment a few times to make sure I had everything.

I was here two hours before my flight.

I checked my luggage so I was unencumbered.

Now I fly somewhat frequently and almost always Southwest, so a lot of the time I get TSA Pre-check.  That would mean, my light sweatshirt and sneakers would stay on.  My liquids stay in my one bag (size of a small backpack).  But just in case, my liquids were in a baggie.  So it ends up being a regular check-in.  I take off my sneakers, my socks are pristine.  My sweatshirt is ready to throw in a bin.

Surprise!  New rule!  All candy and snacks must be out of my bag and in it's own bin.


Rewind five hours, while grabbing a few things at Stop & Shop, I bought a dollar box of candy.  Then to save space, I took the box of individually wrapped "Chocolate Bit O'Honey" and dumped them in the bag.

So I had to step out of line, dump my overstuffed bag.  I don't check electronics or prescriptions.  There is no line to speak of, I waved two people around me.

Then someone asks why the candy/snack rule.  The TSA guy says that sometimes food gives a false positive for explosives because of it's proximity to wires (phone chargers, etc.)


Did I mention it's steroid day?

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