Sunday, September 13, 2015

When Was Steroid Day?

I don't know, I'm all messed up.  So I guess it's today.  Wasn't bad and gave me the burst of energy it sometimes does.  You know, where you don't just throw a load in the washer, but you clean the washing machine.

Anyway, a couple of nights ago, I somehow missed the lyrica and of course couldn't sleep and it feels like the onset of flu.  Muscle/joint pain, yada, yada.  So I slept through the next day's morning meds.  I think that's how I missed steroid day.  And my sleep schedule slipped right into midnight to 3 pm.

And the glasses still aren't fixed.  And the humidity and heat were killer.  And waaahhhhhh.

But today I was up before noon.  Took the steroids,  The humidity broke.  Whew!  Just in time to prep for "Fear The Walking Dead".  My Marine better be caught up, cause I'm tired of getting chastised.

Hopefully, on October 1st, my best pal from 7th grade and I are moving into a 2 bedroom together.  We could have chosen from dozens of places by now, but she has two cats & wants off street parking.  It's stressing her to the point where her boss is looking to find us a place.  You know I don't care about parking, animals, where the laundry is, bedroom size, sharing a bathroom.  So I just keep saying pick whatever makes you happy!!  Although it was a bummer to pass up an apartment 5 doors down from my previous Charlestown address b/c of size. The important part is Boston & that she'll be just as good at that balance of watching me and ignoring me as Tommy is.

So I think I'll whip out the Hershey's cocoa and make something.

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Charity said...

You're moving back to Boston! Congratulations! I never really could picture you in VA.