Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Guy Who Lives Above Tom Just Stepped On My Last Nerve

It's official, I hate the clown who lives above Tom.  When my son moved in eight months ago, the first thing we both noticed was that the people upstairs wore heeled shoes day and night. Sooooo ignorant & thoughtless.  I tried to get a conversation started about it (nicely, because Tom would kill me otherwise) but the guy would always go off on a tangent.  And I only understood every other word accent, missing teeth, idioms.  And I found out stuff I didn't want to know - like how unreasonable the landlord was to beef about him stacking cardboard boxes on top of his heater.  Or that he didn't use the heater because he used electric space heaters he found at the dump.

He also has a junk heap on the porch.  This includes a broken cooler left behind by the previous tenant (He hoped to sell it for $5.00) He smokes beside his front door, which renders our window unusable. And of course, it's just gross at that end of the porch.  He also appropriated the welcome rug left by the previous tenant and put it at the edge of the porch.  So it's just rotting the wood since it gets soaked everytime it rains.

After a talk with the very, very nice guy downstairs, I realize this was a problem for the previous tenant as well.  Plus, as is obvious to me, this conversation confirms the three upstairs (husband, wife & daughter) are special.  Great.

So one day I'm on the porch and he comes out to smoke.  I say in a very nice, mild tone "Hey, has anyone ever talked to you about wearing outdoor shoes upstairs?"  He looks away, no answer.  I wait.  Then I say "Did you hear me or have I upset you?"  He got up and went inside.  Since then I have completely ignored him.  He tried to make nice, offered to help me carry something.  Is that a game?  Ignore me and then play good neighbor?  No.

Then today there is a water problem.  It takes me a while to figure it out.  There is some kind of blockage just below me.  It caused my washer not to drain.  I did all the checking, but slowly cause it's day 2 of Pomalyst. Constant mopping.
Ok, it wasn't this bad.

Then I am standing in front of the tub, everything cleaned when the washer upstairs begins to drain.  The tub fills.  The toilet bowl fills and overflows. The U shape pipe behind the washer gushes.  I throw down towels and run out to the upstairs neighbors door.  Knocking.  Knocking.  Banging.  Finally, he answers.  I tell him to shut off his washer.  That it's flooding my everything.  I tell him I am calling the building's maintenance guy.

I go back in to Tom's apartment to make the call and mop up this new mess.  I can tell this stupid ass didn't shut his washer off.  He let it finish the cycle.

Now this guy couldn't know what was happening.  I'm not unreasonable.  But he does laundry all damn day, every day.  From 9:30am this morning (it woke me up) and it was still going at 5pm.  How?  There are only 3 of them?  Are they taking in laundry to supplement their income?

Was any of this which has me crazed?  Close but no.

The cardinal sin was this - when he finally opened the door and I told him to shut off the washer, he looked behind me.  What.  The.  Fuck?  Do NOT be afraid of who might be backing me up.


Anonymous said...

Been there, done that.
Tom needs to move as soon as possible and if the lease says he has to stay then it must also compel the landlord to act.

I moved out when I got tired of constant concrete ballet going on upstairs morning, noon, night, after midnight every night and it was just a family of 3 but they had family come and stay all the time.

It will drive you insane.

Charity said...

This one apartment in college... it was one of two side by side apartments above a garage. The first tenant smoked pot 24/7 and we shared a ventilation system. She moved out. The second tenant had psychological problems and wouldn't throw away any of her garbage.... or if she did she threw all the bags and loose food out onto our shared landing and just left them there... forever. No one lived above us though... so my roommate and I did have that going for us. And eventually we just started removing the neighbor's trash ourselves.

I would just wait until they're not home and then throw out the doormat.