Sunday, May 24, 2015

As Frankie Reminded Me......'s good luck.  Yeah if you and Mama Kelley say so.

While out for a short walk around the hotel's immediate area, I noticed a drug store.  I'd been paying $2.25 a pop for bottled water & figured grabbing some in the store would save a few bucks.  So I grab a 6 pack for $3.45 and I'm happy.  As I leave and walk through the covered parking lot,

I feel something on my head.

 I pray it's condensation.

 I walk back to the hotel like a beauty queen hoping nothing slides.  I get to my room and tip my head to the sink.  My sunglasses fall into the sink.

Not condensation.

So I got back in the shower, two hours after the first shower and wash my hair 27 times.

I was texting Frank a little later and shared my story in hope of garnering some sympathy.

"It's good luck." Was all I got.

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