Sunday, January 04, 2015

Who Is Back On Pomalyst?

I'll give you a hint - I am blogging at 0500.

Never mind I have already screwed up.  I was supposed to start December 30th; lounge on the couch for 14 days and be done & have my head clear for my January plans starting January 16th.

I didn't factor in the chaos of the move.  Believe me I am thrilled with the new place...but happy chaos is still enough of a distraction.

So I'm three days late.  And I forgot to take something to pre-empt the digestive upset...strike two!

Pomalyst is taken at night, two hours after you've stopped eating.  Out of the fourteen days, two are also steroid days.  Steroids are best taken early in the day.  I got my burst of energy....but had to waste it looking for some lost paperwork.  Meh, win some, lose some.

But I am bummed, I will lose out on some of my January plans.

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