Saturday, July 27, 2013

We've Made A Move

Is it for long?  I dunno.

We've been in a temp place in Harrisonburg since the beginning of June.  And our "Find-An-Effin-House" deadline was looming August 1st.  Sara, Tom's gf finally came up with something that met every requirement but one.  My request to be near some kind of public transit.

On the other hand, it has reduced Tom's commute to an hour....if he walks.

I am moving to Craigsville.  The correctional facility where Tom is an officer is less than four miles.

I know I make lots of jokes about how there's "Nothin west-a-Worcester" but this place is the back of beyond as Mama Kelley used to say.  The town has about a thousand residents within it's 2 square miles and borders the George Washington National Forest.  Charlestown is half the size at one green mile and 16 times more people.

Sara said something last night about burying mothballs near the house to keep away snakes, but "la-la-la" I didn't hear that.

It's twenty miles from Staunton and I don't know if I can hack it.  Although, no light pollution!  The stars at night are big and bright in Craigsville as well as Texas.

So, I'll give it a shot.  I may end up with a pied-a-terre in Staunton.

But it's better than an empty FridgidAire box.

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Stella Jonsson said...

I thought there was a whole hell of a lot west of Worcester (Woostah?), but I hope the move is well... and you, too.