Friday, November 30, 2012

Happy Birthday, Taco!

Do you read The Sandgram?  You should!  It's written by my pal, "Taco" Bell.  and today's is Taco's birthday.  Well, all his friends can't be with him.....but we can show we're thinking of him.

How far will I go?  Well, look at this pic.

That's right, I went over to the People's Republic of Cambridge!

You know lots of things are relative. i remember having a discussion with some people about the word "Yankee".  To a non-Ameican, a Yankee is an American.  To a Southerner, it's someone north of the Mason-Dixon.  To Northerners it's a New Englander.  To a New Englander, it's a DownEasterner  And to that's a guy who lives down a dirt road with an outhouse.

So plenty of people think Massachusetts is a crazy liberal place, but other people who live here want you to know it's Boston.  But let me tell you from right here dead center, five blocks from the Bunker Hill Monument.......Cambridge makes us all shake our heads.

But for Taco's birthday.....besides, it was a good stretch of the leg!

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