Saturday, February 11, 2012

Aris BBQ Faneuil Hall Boston YUCK!

So Thursday, My cousin Griffin and I went on an adventure to Faneuil Hall. We took the bus in - big treat for a three year old. We walked on the bricks and the cobblestones and each other's shadows.

We walked through Quincy Market to see what would be good for lunch. Griff wanted a cheeseburger. So this was the first place I saw with cheeseburgers. Griff asked for a cheeseburger with friesI got a cheeseburger w/bacon, oinions & lettuce and we shared a small Pepsi. The total? $15.47. Really? I thought that was completely unreasonable.

But it was so much more unreasonable then I knew.

Both burgers were wafer thin and over done. The bacon on mine was old and hard, the onions were dry and old.

Griff's fries were limp and room temp.

To tell you the truth, if I weren't with a 3 year old I would have gone back and dumped it on their counter..AVOID THIS PLACE!

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Anonymous said...

Obamacare has a secret exemption for people who get food poisoning at faneuil hall