Monday, February 28, 2011


There was a power outage here at Tufts/New England Medical Center this morning. It lasted a few moments until some backup thing came on and there were minimal lights and machines. My bed was stuck in the up position. But that was fine, I had to start packing, right? Wow, that took a lot out of me and I only did half.

The nurse came in and announced my count was 1100. Really? I was perplexed. I had the bone pain, how could I have gotten nothing. Then she announced I'd have to have platelets before I left. I questioned leaving, didn't I need to have made progress? I knew something in this conversation was wrong, but............whatever........if I get near the door, all bets are off.

So I call Grace and text Jen. All the power comes back on, internet, TV, etc.

The nurse comes back and says "Sorry. I was reading yesterday's results. So we need to wait for today's." Yeah, ya think?

The team comes in and confirms no test results yet but I need to have 1000 neutraphils. Not 1000 white blood cells overall, but 1000 of the kind of white blood cell they want. I think yesterday's neutripil number was 500. The attending was quite clear "Not 900, not 950.....1000." But otherwise we are good to go.

Now I am wiped, between my very minimal packing and my team meeting and I fall asleep. My room got really warm during the power outage and sleeping in a warm room gives me weird dreams. So of course, I dreamt I couldn't get out of here.

I woke to the feeling something wasn't right. There was a man in my room headed for the door. I called out a "Hey, who are you?", but he kept leaving. I rang the nurse and started to get up. He turned to look back in the room through the glass and I pointed and mouthed again 'Who are you?" The rooms are very well sound insulated. He came in and identified himself as maintenance. Said he was checking the vent, something was wrong and apologized for waking me. Seems strange to let some guy in jeans and a polo roam into rooms. Yeah, the polo had a Tufts/NEMC logo on it......but I am one of the youngest people on the floor and I couldn't see it without my glasses.

Anyway, still no test results.


Pia said...

Let me know how you get this whole "man in your bedroom" thing going. It's a little quiet around here.

Kanani said...

Thinking of you.
As far as the answer, "Who are you?" you are Boston Maggie, and we are all rooting for you.

ponsdorf said...

Ankle Jeans and Flirty Flats!!

Apropos of nothing. It just makes me smile to say it.

Oh yeah... I'll bet that guy is in cahoots with that phlebotomy lady?